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3-2-1…Happy New Year!

From the warm feelings of Christmas, we reach the New Year’s expectations of unfulfilled wishes and needs. Indeed, on this day, the emotions of the past year emerge, which we are eagerly trying to fit into the number twelve, the midnight of change. We live with the subconscious hope that next year will not be like the previous one but something magical will happen. But what we don’t see is that change is merely symbolic, the clock’s pointers only ring backwards in our minds, but we remain the same.

“Magical” is only the key that unlocks our heart and offers without second thoughts our smile, a warm hug and meaningful words. “Magic” can only be the carpet that will throw you into memories of the past and plans for tomorrow. “Magical” is our mind and our spirit that the more we feed it, the more inexhaustible it becomes.

Color your life as if it were a New Year’s Eve every day. Keep hoping, dreaming, offering, listening, traveling, loving…

Do you believe that the first day of a new year is just only a day?

Photo by Naus Bram

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