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One year ago, one year after: Covid-19

One year ago – one year after. What happened; A pandemic which changed everything in our lives, our economy, our psychology, and our relationships…

The 2020 pandemic has shown a lot – and it still has a lot to reveal. It showed how interdependent we are as social beings, it showed the thirst for communication and connectivity, it showed the deep feelings of solidarity and responsibility – personal and social.

Suddenly we found ourselves in the beauty of our peaceful homes, and we loved it. Initially we had less stress, we operated only with the necessary things, we gained time with our family and beat the commonality of the phrase “I don’t have enough time!”. We also discovered new balances between the triptych home-work – family. Some of us did also self-awareness reviews and redefined what is important. Some others focused on healthy nutrition and sports activity. We have adopted new habits that, without the pandemic, we might never have followed.

But how long can all these good things last? Yes, there are positive developments and the vaccine is already available, but we are still receiving the negative effects of the pandemic, such as increased stress, depression, insecurity and uncertainty. Even those who were not psychologically burdened, the volatile state of financial insecurity and the disaster we see in an uncertain future, have acquired feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

In this context, the quality of life is clearly declining while one tries to do the necessary for his loved ones and own self. But until when? Inclusion also creates spiritual inactivity which inevitably decreases the willpower to chase life again!

I do not even want to talk extensively about young people or teenagers who have lost all social human contact and the opportunity to develop their social skills cause it disturbs me as they are our future. They have made their sacrifices while they were locked inside the house, in their room, without their friends 🙁

And now, what? Well, I am thinking of sharing my feelings, empower and encourage my close people and beyond, while rejecting the worst-case scenarios and catastrophes we are bombarded with every day. I am suggesting to regain our optimism, to remember the faith in ourselves and to cultivate the value of patience.

Because even in difficulties, life goes on and certainly it’s worth it!

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