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Whatever you want, shout it loudly, become wild

Sometime ago, after a series of negative events, I accidentally found a phrase by a famous Greek writer that quoted “Become wild”. It was like it was meant for me to read that at the particular moment. It felt like I was awakening. I was set to a tangible goal but I found myself in such an uncomfortable position having to encounter obstacles that I could not manage.

I stopped and started to observe what happened and how I reacted in that context. Everything was clear. I was surrounded by other minds that slowed me down, disoriented me and made me believe that I had to follow their path that unfortunately led me to stagnation and failure. And so it happened… for a while. I repositioned myself who has patience, perseverance and dedication, a self that sets goals and strives to achieve them. My voice within me was saying the phrase I had read…

“Whatever you want, shout it loudly, become wild. Mediocrity does not match with eagerness” – Nikos Kazantzakis. What do you say?

Photo by Prince David

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