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Distractions: once it was the television…now, it’s what?

What would you say are the biggest culprits behind the declining attention we now give to our lives? Social media? Netflix? Smart tech devices? The Internet in general? Some would probably say that these technologies are the biggest distractions in our lives today. In my opinion, I disagree. Internet and whatever is included is not the great distraction that people think it is.

Before the internet, television stood out as society’s great distraction. Shut down the silly “box”, we often heard from our oldest. Before the TV, it was the radio. And before the radio, it was the written word – books that challenged the political system, public opinion or religion… I think the issue of the source of distractions is much deeper than the external ‘noises’ that we often blame.

Do distractions ultimately come from our own internal stimuli and mind programming?

Photo credit: Roman Odintsov

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