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“I have a dream”*

The American civil rights activist’s characteristic phrase has triggered me to wonder if unfulfilled dreams can ultimately “haunt” us. This may sound excessive or pessimistic but has the extent of our unfulfilled dreams, even to some extent, made the pave of our lives?

Surely dreams vary from age to age. Young children may envision with more passion and sentiment, as opposed to adult dreams that look on the rational scale because of the situations they experience. However, daydreaming can offer the body itself notes of inspiration, pleasure and relaxation, notes of brightness and evolution. Having a dream is like setting a goal. We feel longing and determination to implement it by activating our stubbornness and spontaneity, alongside with the purity of our soul.

However, a lack of faith in our dreams is usually created when they have not taken place at the time we were creating them. If a dream had a “deadline” or time limit, according to our own beliefs, we may no longer entitled to realize it. However, we are not entirely responsible for its fulfillment as circumstances may have not allow to fulfill.

But, it may not be too late… just redefine your thinking and tell yourself again… I have a dream and set your goal…

*I have a dream ~ Martin Luther King (1963)

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