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I was a child and I would fly to reach the sky… very high…

I was a child throwing my kite high, as higher as I could, to reach the sky, the stars – this is what I was thinking back then. I guess that’s how we all felt in that magical age, where our dreams weren’t “trapped” and freedom was sort of a “command” for living life at its fullest.

But the way freedom was translated at the time changed as we got older where social views and tendencies imposed on us by social stereotypes and behaviours. Unfortunately, the feeling of freedom – as the kite in the sky – has been undermined and only our personal effort remains – the unequal battle we must fight for the independence of our spirit.

In theory, free will is limited in order to adopt rules for our protection in all social aspects, but in practice, the language of power can manipulate the spiritual status of a man. But I wonder, can the free spirit be buried? Can it be tamed, can we put barriers in place?

Perhaps we are deeply impressed by the idea that discipline entails an automatic restricting of freedom of speech and expression. Perhaps we, ourselves, have been “lost” in the ocean of technocracy and monetization, lack of education and critical thinking and we place ourselves in a blind obedience of institutional behaviour.

The choice of freedom will always remain solely a personal matter for everyone. What do you think?

Photo credit: Eric Patnoudes

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