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Last leaf on the tree

The values of life are non-negotiable, or at least that’s the way they should be. Society itself has been founded since ancient times on honesty, honour and respect, concepts that can be decisive for our way of life and thought. The materialistic side of values, however, do not allow them to remain unchanged, so that the self-esteem of man itself is not preserved in front of the altar of expectations he may has built.

We are overwhelmed every day by intense, different and unpleasant situations which, possibly in connection with behaviours, lead to isolation, shaking our values. On the other hand, however, we seek that our values and beliefs be positively reflected in our actions. The starting point is the hierarchy of our actions in conjunction with the re-evaluation of our values. We should be honest in everything we do, with truth and respect.  The crisis we are going through is essentially a crisis of values because, if we go deeper we will realise that everything results from within. It is vital to “secure” our social life with morality, harmony and responsibility and not to adopt tactics that serve only ourselves but the common good.

Fundamental ideals should be self-evident, otherwise their absence will lead to an uncertain tomorrow, with unpleasant spiritual, social and moral dilemmas. There is a hope that what we are experiencing is a test of human existence and that we cannot find ourselves in a dead end if we have not pursued it. “So let there always be one last leaf left in a tree that will succeed the heavy winter…”

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