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My home is where my heart is

We grow up and live in beautiful houses. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. We have decorated and transformed them into our own paradise having the walls, rooms and outdoor spaces with elegance, practicality and personality. When we complete what we have imagined and invested, from the smallest to the largest item, then we begin to enjoy. Watch… only then! But how is that possible since everything has been completed according to plan?

Unfortunately, there is a belief that when we acquire the material goods we dreamed of and we meet “supposed” needs as defined by the majority of people, only then are we complete and happy – and for some others, successful.

Look around you, not too far, look next to you. Are you surrounded by loved ones? By people you care about and THEY care about you? Do you really feel happy? If so, then keep and protect your happiness away from people who have no space in your life and owned paradise.  Build and share your happiness ONLY with people living in your heart. Material goods can’t offer or unlock peace and essential happiness – they certainly make your daily life easier, but they may inevitably lead you to melancholy if you don’t have to share them with someone.

Houses are buildings, places to live in. They are packed of material things, empty of happiness if  people who live in it don’t invest in emotions and in building strong relationships!

When happiness overwhelms the house, I call it Home. So, where your heart goes?

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