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The Book, my best companion

“Reading is like food and water. The spirit that does not read loses weight, like a body that does not eat,” said the French writer Victor Hugo. And how much truth does that contain for all of us who love books!

Today, April 23rd, is the World Book Day, a day established by UNESCO on the occasion of the simultaneous great loss of two great creators in 1616: the author of Don Quixote, Miguel De Cervantes and the leading English author of Hamlet and Macbeth as well as others, William Shakespeare.

It doesn’t have to be summer and be on vacation to read one or two or more books, as the book is the best traveler of all times and imagination. In addition to the knowledge it offers you, at the same time it develops your critical ability, strengthens your identity, as well as your spoken and written speech. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you choose to read, as long as it pleases you. The feeling of the paper in your hands, the browsing, the impatience of what’s going to happen to the story you have in your hands, is all the magic and anticipation of the reader.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly moving away from reading books due to the storm of information we daily receive from the internet. There is an informal competition between the information in a book and the image that we create from it in relation to the image offered by the internet or tv that we choose for faster information or  entertainment.

Give yourself and your friends a masterpiece book, as we used to – why did we do it then? Build your own library and your own unique world!

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience. These are the essence of a happy life” – Mark Twain.

Have a good read!

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