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The time capsule

I cannot recall the specific moment I took the decision to finally stop fighting with time and stop thinking about what I would do if I could go back, or even if I could go so far forward and become my own Pythia, what would I change.

How vain and stressful that is to stick on the past and get frightened of the future while forgetting the present. If I continue in this mode, then I am constantly in a time capsule that revolves around me and controls me.

Οδηγός της όμως, είμαι εγώ.  Ας χαρώ λοιπόν την στιγμή «τώρα», ας αναπολήσω την στιγμή «τότε» και ας ονειρευτώ τη στιγμή «αύριο» με λαχτάρα και πάθος!

Are you willing to be the driver of your own time capsule?

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