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The way of joy

How many times haven’t we heard of a person laughing continuously (and sometimes rhythmically ☺️) and suddenly the laughter is transmitted to us as well? Joy and laughter are highly contagious emotions that unite people and bring them closer together.

On the other hand, who wants to socialize with people who never smile or laugh? Even when there is no need to laugh, we can create an opportunity – see how the whole atmosphere changes, and especially our psychology. Besides, a day when we haven’t smiled or laughed, it’s said it’s a lost day.

In addition the health benefits of laughter are important and yes, they are scientifically proven, as laughter:

1. Fights viruses as T cells are strengthened
2. Strengthens and exercises the heart muscle
3. Releases the body’s natural painkillers, called endorphins
4. Reduces stress and strengthens the immune system by making it work to the maximum
5. Reduces blood pressure

A review of five different studies found that laughter interventions sometimes called homeplay (instead of homework) increase well-being and take the form of daily humorous activities. What could this activity be? From watching a comedy that makes us laugh to the company of people who tell jokes. Laughter is our joy, it’s our natural reaction!

Time for extra abs with the natural way of laughter and joy!

Photo credit: Juliana Stein

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