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Photo by Max Kobus

Virtual Reality and Virtual Life

Technology in all its forms is an integral part of facilitating and planning our lives. For years now its is not just a sign of the times. We cannot ignore that technology is our ally for our education, science and health system that helps and define our daily life and evolution. By using all forms of communication applications, we are given the opportunity to develop our interpersonal skills … or maybe not?

Unobtrusively but also noticeably, our real life turns into a constant online life. Essential communication offered through physical communication and eye contact and all that non-verbal communication entailed is undercovered behind a screen. The extent of the digital world shapes the way we communicate, as the social approach, especially in the midst of a pandemic, is achieved through social media presence.

To what extent can distant communication affect us mentally and not make us behave in an addictive way – since almost every communication action we make is achieved through video calling, email or social networking?
Children, on the other hand, acquire the ability to operate the screens from a very young age, as my grandmother used to name digital technology, but at the same time, the addiction built in a short time of use creates joy and intensity; as a result, real enjoyment through physical outdoors games and contact with other children is lost.

Signs of the Times; No, as long as man exists, there will be evolution. The benefits of technology and communication platforms are known to all, needless to point them out in this article. My personal and humble opinion is to limit the irrational use of them to maintain our life quality and focus on the simple essentials. What is the way? Certainly not the use of a magic filter that will block them, but the use of a personal filter that can sort out information received in addition to a time limit usage of the tools offered.

We have the means and we are lucky, however, if we place the limits, we may avoid eventually having a Virtual Life in a Virtual Reality world. What do you say?

Photo by Max Kobus on Unsplash

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