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What if I can’t hug anymore?

I was thinking the other day that until the normality comes back to our lives, and whatever else is included in it, there are many things that we are not allowed to do. More specifically, I want to refer to something more special… the importance of the hug. It is already scientifically proven that when we embrace offers, we feel more secure and peaceful. After all, we feel it in our body when we do so.

Hug is given in all stages of our lives, from the birth of a baby to adulthood and till later in life. It is our shelter that we seek when we are anxious, sad or in love or just want to show our love or appreciation to someone. Through this action, we shield ourselves… we shield the health of our soul.

But what happens now that we are necessarily deprived of it as to protect our loved ones and ourselves? And yet, the hug exists… the hug in the look, in the expression of our loved ones…. We can feel it… and reciprocate it even with the power of words to create beautiful and deep feelings!

Even for the time present, you can’t give your hug, can you create beautiful feelings through your words?

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