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World Health Day

At least half of the world’s population does not receive full coverage of basic health services in 2021, according to the World Health Organization. The established April 7th as World Health Day reminds us of the importance of health and the worldwide joint efforts to reduce these disappointing numbers.

What words would we use to characterize health? Necessary, valuable, irreplaceable? Whatever we call it, in the pyramid of values, health occupies the first place as the highest good. Preventive screening combined with early diagnosis aim at a better quality of life and the treatment of diseases when they “knock on our door”. The above determine the course of health which we simply need to follow at every age level but not only since other factors enhance our health. Scheduled physical training strengthens muscles and bones that limits the occurrence of cardiovascular disease in both childhood and adulthood. Stress decreases and both school performance and work performance improve. In addition, our nutritional behavior, i.e. the balanced consumption of nutrients, is a shield for the body. In contrast, however, the input of inadequate quality food, inactive physical activity can occur stress.

More or less these things are known to everyone considering also that our physical health entails the improvement of our mental health as our ancestors used to quote “Healthy mind, healthy body”. Let’ s take care of our bodies, let’s exercise our spirit and vice versa, especially in the era of the covid-19 pandemic that massively impacts us all.

Health is a human right, which is why each of us should have quality in health care and access to the health system regardless of economic or social situation.

Health is an inalienable right, it is not valued or redeemed. What do you think?

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