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You are unique!

“Where can I find people who are like me” or “Wish I was like him/her”? How many times, we’ve said that and we…mean it – for several reasons! Imagine though the world being made up of many like you, who will talk, think and do the same. Personally, I would find it very boring or even meaningless since there would be no denominator of evolution at any level.

To consider yourself unique is not blamable, as you may have heard many times. On the contrary… it is necessary to consider the self unique because it helps you see the good qualities you have, the ones you want to change and what you can “adopt” from someone else to integrate into your being.

Offer gratitude to yourself and avoid criticizing or blaming the self for what’s going on. Make sure you disorient from any negative or out of scope influences and just give a big thumbs up that you’re just unique 😊

What do you think?

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