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Θαύμα της ζωής - Miracle of life

Batton’s baby B level scan

Till my last breath and beyond

I was so delighted today when I called a very good friend of mine to wish her happy birthday and she told me she was expecting her baby! It is a great blessing and happiness to be in this position, even if you feel uncomfortable or strange at times with your body or your mood. From the moment I got pregnant, I re-examined my values, how I see and feel life while other emotions inside me became stronger. The nine months I grew up with a new life inside me were wonderful. The first years I had my children in my arms were unique. Now that they have grown up and are independent people, my heart always follows them and beats loudly for them, wherever they are. And it will remain like this until I let out my last breath and even further.

What do you say; How do you feel, what are your feelings as a mother and as a child of a mother?

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