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Captured in fear

“If you can, look fear straight into the eyes and then fear will be scared enough and will leave” as memorably quoted by Nikos Kazantzakis. But what is fear at the end of the day and how decisively can it affect our existence?

We cannot ignore the fact that we are confronted with fear, even subconsciously, because of the constant stimuli we receive in various areas of our lives. Failure in exams or low grades make us afraid that our own people will be disappointed. Rejection or separation from a relationship leads us to the fear that we will never be able to love again or that something is wrong with us. We are afraid of the potential risk of losing our jobs…a health problem and immediately we may think the worst. We do not ask for help, even if something very bad has happened to us, thinking that we will hear bad comments and bad criticism (especially now in the era of Covid-19).

And yet, you can feel differently, as long as you evaluate fear correctly each time, understand the feeling and take action – because fear is not invincible. Arm yourself with strength and courage to face what scares you. Trust yourself and those you love, that they will be by your side, in every “threat” and say no to personal and social isolation.

Do you allow your life to be flooded with positive emotions or do you let them be weakened by fear?

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