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The voice must be heard

Always liked the phrase “Freedom of speech”. I actually admired it as a kid mainly because it had that magnificent word that could also “free” magically the matter of speech. Nowdays, we may take a step back, as it has become more difficult to express our opinions and take a (vertical or personal) position in the events of life. Only lately, I see changes, mainly because a lot has been gathered and people get frustrated, disappointed and decide to talk loudly!

Surely we all grow up with different values, beliefs and principles as a result our actions are characterized accordingly. We may see the psychological abuse that a child suffers at school or most likely at home and can be silenced, we accept arrogance and narcissism in the professional environment, in our interpersonal relationships we accept the lack of respect and honesty, at a social level, even if the leadership makes the wrong decisions does not make the act or the individual accountable.  

Our voice must be heard for everything that is offensive or hurtful as we are part of the world, of a people system for ourselves and the greater good.  

How much do you identify yourselves with the active role you need to play for the freedom of speech?

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